Actionable insights to deliver unique guest experiences

Easy Installation & Simple Dashboard

One click installation and easy to access from different devices. A simple dashboard design makes it easy to read and collects the profile guests information and analytics.

Strategy & Benefits

Understand guests behavior, make decisions on staffing, campaigns and special promotions using data and analysis. Generate new customers through relevant, event-driven interaction. Replicate the most effective drivers of foot traffic across your locations. Capitalize on repeat visits and longer dwell times to target and improve guest services.

Data Management & Analytics

Metrics & Graphics

Simple graphs to determine the number of guests passing by locations, time of day, repeat visit rate and much more.

Guest login

Collect guest information about the profile when the guest login.

Location analytics

Detect foot traffic and location-based guest behavior and send the data in real-time for in-depth analysis.

Time of day

Determine peak business hours and identify what drives guests to enhance guest experiences.

Dwell time

Capitalize on guest dwell time to maximize guest services and sales.

Repeat visit rate

Track the rate of guests passing by, the time they are spending and repeat visitors.



Automatic updates to get the latest security and performance.

DNS content filter

DNS content filter checks the content for its integrity and blocks the bad traffic.

Session Controls

Control session time and limit the WIFI usage.


Block the users to not be able to have access to the network.