Location Analytics

Actionable insights to deliver unique guest experiences

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Real-time data analysis to improve guest experiences

How many?

Discover how many guests are in your facilities and what are they doing.

How long?

Quantify site visits and location dwell time to visualize trends in guest density overtime.

What do they use?

Some facilities are more popular in certain locations.

Guest Engagement

Enhance guest experience with secure, branded guest WiFi with possible Login and timely mobile offers.

Guest Track and Insigth

Compare metrics across properties, hotels or even within buildings.

Analytics & Strategy

Use analytics data to replicate the most effective drivers for foot traffic across your locations.


Customize the login pages, header, footer, guest wifi network name and much more.


Number of passersby vs. guests spending time at a specific location. Determine peak business hours and identify what drives guests.


Length of time guests spend within a given location. Capitalize on guest dwell time to maximize guest services and sales.


Number of first time guests vs. repeat guests. Enhance customer experience for repeat guests through targeted offers.


Location analytics compared across multiple network locations. Identify variations in guest behavior across different sites.