Location Analytics

Actionable insights to deliver unique customer experiences

Enhance the experience

Identify patterns in visitors behavior and learn about their preferences to provide unique experiences.

Identify hotspots

View which areas are visit most frequently and identify what drives your visitors.

Data-driven decisions

Make faster and more effective decisions based on data and analytics to improve visitor satisfaction.

Built-in Location Analytics

Built-in location analytics in every access point lets you easily gather information about visitor foot traffic, dwell time and repeated visits across any properties or specific areas.

Understand how your facilities are being used

Get insights about what your visitors are looking for and understand how your facilities are actually used.

Analytics & Strategy

Analyze visitors behavior to make effective decisions on staffing.

Energy Management

Visualize energy consumption in the facilities and disable unnecessary services to reduce costs and decrease environmental impact.

Facility Maintenance

Keep track of which facilities require cleaning and maintenance to improve the planning of personnel based on actual needs.

Zone Supervision

Identify which zones demand periodic supervision and increase supervision in the area.

See Be-metrics in action

Insights to help you make the right decisions

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