We offer a full range of services to ensure the best guest experience.

Customize your guests login experiences and create the best marketing campaigns.


Custom SSID

Customize guest WIFI name network depending on the event.

Header & Footer

Create your unique design for your header and footer.

Confirmation Pages

Customize your own confirmation pages to thank your guests after login.

Terms & Conditions

Make you own custom Terms and Conditions for users to accept before logging in.

Campaign Scheduler

Schedule your own campaigns for your promotions and events.

Ad builder

Add your images and videos in the Ad builder to create your campaigns and promotions.

Effective Ads

Track the precise location of your guests and draw their attention with local advertisements.

Track visitors and passerbys

Tracking visitors and passerbys allows you to estimate the amount of guests passing within an area.

Location Analytics

Keep track of location analytics and the amount of new guests and guests that come back, dwell time, time of the day, heat maps and much more.

Guest Profiles

Collect and organize all your guest data.

WIFI streams

Follow the timeline of all the users that connect to you network.